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Grove is a system designed to facilitate distributed rendering of Blender ( .blend files.

The system will consist of the following modules:

The primary goal of the system's development will be to establish a freely available, open and public distributed render farm (hosting arrangements TBD). Secondarily, the system will be available for use as a private render farm (or as an alternate public farm).

While Blender continues to establish itself as a full-featured, open-source 3D application, very few distributed render farm solutions for Blender exist. In the spirit of open source and community-based collaboration, Grove will enable 3D artists to significantly reduce the time required to produce complex renderings of their work - a capability traditionally available only to those with the financial means to acquire vast amounts of hardware.

Grove will implement a number of mechanisms to mitigate abuse of the public farm, including, but not limited to queue prioritization, a 'work credit' system and a greylisting/blacklisting system. The implementation details of these features are still under development.